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Lawyers often charge a contingency fee, particularly in personal injury cases, for several reasons:

1. Accessibility: Contingency fees allow individuals who may not be able to afford an attorney to still get legal representation. This is because no upfront payment is required; the lawyer only gets paid if they successfully win or settle the case.

2. Risk Sharing: Contingency fees align the interests of the client and the attorney. Both stand to gain if the case is successful, and both share the risk of receiving nothing if the case is not successful.

3. Incentive: A contingency fee arrangement incentivizes lawyers to work hard on their client’s case because their payment is tied to the success of the case. The better the outcome they achieve for their client, the higher their payment will be.

4. Indication of Case Merit: If an attorney is willing to take a case on a contingency basis, it could indicate that they believe the case has merit. Lawyers will not want to invest their time and resources into a case they think they will likely lose since that would mean they would not get paid.

As for why personal injury attorneys don’t typically charge a flat fee, this is largely because the amount of time and effort required for a personal injury case can be very unpredictable. A flat fee arrangement might not adequately compensate the lawyer for the time spent on a complex or lengthy case. Plus, as previously mentioned, a flat fee might be unaffordable upfront for many clients who have just suffered a personal injury and may be dealing with medical bills and other expenses.

Note that different types of fee arrangements are more common in different areas of law. For example, flat fees are common in areas like estate planning or criminal defense. The choice of fee structure depends on the nature of legal services and the common practices in that area of law.

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