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Well, please tell the doctor the following 3 things:

One, tell the doctor how you were hurt, because he has to write it down in his records, and if it’s not there because you didn’t tell him, nobody’s ever going to believe that you were hurt in an accident.

Two, tell your doctor your health insurance company and policy number. Even though your automobile insurance is going to be paying for the first part of your treatment up to the limits of the medical payments provisions and first party benefits coverage that you have purchased, the excess has to be billed somewhere, and the doctor’s office has to know where to bill it.

Three, tell your doctor at your follow-up visits, as well as at your first visit, every single complaint and problem that you are having. Again, if you don’t tell them, he won’t write it in his chart and the insurance company, the judge, and the jury will say, “Well, it never happened.”

So why do we share this tips with you about what to tell your doctor?

Well, we share them to give you an insight in order to maximize your case, the value of your recovery, and the money that you end up with, so its imperative that you do those three things.

I hope this little piece of information is of some help to you.

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