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I thought that we could talk a little bit today about what makes a person a really bad witness, because you don’t want to be one of those, when and if you ever have to go to court.

A bad witness goes in and testifies that she was referred to the doctor that treated her by her lawyer.

That is not a good thing to volunteer, because the insurance company attorneys are going to make it look like your lawyer and your doctor are in cahoots doing something improper when in fact they might not be.

A bad witness only tells the doctor and the lawyer about current injuries and forgets to talk about similar injuries or diseases or medical problems involving the same parts or parts of the body when injured in the accident.

Now, that information doesn’t come out until the trial when the insurance and attorney pulls out the old medical records and destroys the credibility or truthfulness of the witness.

A bad witness is a liar.

Say for example you testify that your favorite activity in the entire world is bowling. Which most people seem to testify too, in cases of this nature. And the other side has a private investigator who says he has gone to the bowling alley after the accident and made movies of you bowling. And that happens after you’ve testified you can’t bowl anymore.

How do you think a judge or jury is going to think of you as a human being and as person who is seeking damages in a personal injury case? I think they will throw you right out of court.

Last we have the social media suicide. A person says they can’t do certain activities and continue on Facebook or one of the other social media sites to just post pictures of them doing exactly what they say they can’t do after the accident.

Again, common sense, honesty and trying to work with your lawyer and your doctor to get the best result is the only good way to handle your case.

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