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The Statute of Limitations is really a fancy word that just means that there is a time limit for how long you have until you can bring your lawsuit.

In a personal injury/bodily injury claim the Statute of Limitations is two years. So that means, the amount of time you have to bring suit is two years from the date of the incident or the injury.

Sometimes, there are situations where you don’t know right away that you were injured. The common example is the doctor that performed your surgery left something (example a sponge) in you during surgery that you had no way of knowing about, until six months later when symptoms started to display. In those situations, that you couldn’t have reasonably known that you had a sponge into you, until things started going wrong…In those cases the Statute of Limitations applies from when you actually found out about the sponge.

In most cases, for the personal injury/bodily injury claims, the statute is two years.

There is other exceptions and that’s why it’s important that you speak with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

So why do we share this great information?

We share it to give you an understanding that although there is a Statute of Limitations that covers the time limit needed to file particular cases, there are exceptions to the rules. And it’s important that if you’re injured you speak to a lawyer about your injury so they can give you the proper guidance for your case to move forward. 

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