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Why and how would you use something called ADR?

Which means alternative dispute resolution to try to resolve your personal injury case.

I know most of you are probably unfamiliar with ADR. 

We have to evaluate as we prepare for trial whether it’s a case that might be settled through alternative dispute resolution, either arbitration (binding or non binding) or mediation (binding or non binding).

Here’s some reasons we consider using alternative dispute resolution instead of taking a chance with a jury in some cases.

(1) It’s faster. Instead of waiting as long in many jurisdictions as you have to to get a chance to get in front of a jury.

(2) Sometimes its fairer with more predictable outcome, because the professional mediators involved bring the experience day in and day out hearing this type of case know generally what the value of the case or claim may be. And finally it’s more economical for everybody.

In a jury trial we pay $5-$10,000 per expert to either have them appear or, sometimes they refuse to appear, and we just have to video tape them for the jury.

So these are the reasons we often consider alternative dispute resolution, arbitration is usually with one to three arbitrators sitting as judges, mediation is one experienced former judge or former attorney with lots of experience. These are the things we use to get the best outcome for you and your case.

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