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Today’s question is, what is a life care plan, who prepares it, and how do we use it in your personal injury case?

My name is Bob Snyder, I’m a trial lawyer, and I’m here in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

I’m a member of the Snyder Law Group, a personal injury firm specializing in serious injury cases from all causes. I’d like to answer the question that I posed about a life care plan, and first, I might need to take into consideration that these are used in cases of permanent injury where the injured person is going to require future care or treatment or other expenses as a result of the injuries that he or she has suffered in the incident, whether it’s a motor vehicle crash, or a slip and fall, or a construction incident, or a product liability claim, or a medical malpractice claim.

Now, I always seek to hire the best life care planner, and usually it turns out to be a registered nurse who was a specialist in rehabilitative medicine and working for years in the field of life care planning.

This person will have the ability to communicate not only with the doctors and get all of the information necessary to make an assessment as to the future needs and expenses and tell us how much money we’re going to need for future doctor visits, and tell us how much money we’re going to need for future physical therapy, and tell us how much money we’re going to need for future medication, and tell us whether or not we’re going to have to make special adaptations to the car or truck that this person’s going to be using for transportation.

Will we have to make changes to the house or perhaps even get a different house where the injured person was now going to have to live? All of these items are reviewed and studied by the life care planner, put together in a report and then testified in court in addition to being provided to the insurance companies to see if the case can be settled before trial. The quality of your expert life care plan will help determine the quality of your case and presentation.

I want to thank you, and I hope this information has been of benefit to you on the subject of what a life care plan is or is not. You can reach me at 610 265 8050.