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Today’s question “What is a deposition?” is something I’m going to hopefully answer to your satisfaction. 

In a nutshell, a deposition is questions and answers that are asked by attorneys before a trial can be held and they are under oath and in front of a stenographer who takes every word down that the person says in response to the questions and answers.

The most important thing is that they are under oath. After the deposition is done, the stenographer prepares a book of notes of testimony from the deposition. And that is provided to both attorneys for the injured person as well as the insurance company. That book is going to determine in most cases whether or not the case can be settled before trial or not.

A good deposition can result in putting a situation that requires one party or the other party to reevaluate his or her position and settle the case instead of going in front of a jury.

Now if they go to a jury, and there is a question of the use of the deposition somebody better answer the same questions they are asked at the trial exactly the same as they did on the deposition or they are going to be confronted with it and their credibility is going to be destroyed.

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