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Let’s talk about a question that may be on your mind at some time.

Was the driver who hit you speeding?

A lot of us are involved in motor vehicle accidents, and a lot of times we have the opinion the time that the accident happened, that the other operator was in fact speeding.

How does a lawyer, go about proving this?

We seek to prove it scientifically.

It’s a simple matter involving three factors. We want to talk about the time elapsed, the distance traveled and the speed at which it has been traveled.

If the law firm has the ability of any two of those three factors, they can figure out the third one by mathematical formula. Proof of speeding is important, because it’s viewed as proof of negligence or carelessness.

And if you’re injured, and seeking to recover money for your injuries and the lawyer can prove the other side was speeding, you’re definitely going to win.

Next you have pretrial questioning called depositions, and at the time of the deposition your law team might be asking the person who hit you, “About how far away from the accident did you first see my client’s car? And at that time about what speed were you traveling?”

Everything is easily provable once you get two of the three: speed, time and distance.

Now, say a person says that it had been a quarter of a mile and at 35 miles an hour, and the law firm can look at what’s going on, and add it up. They can figure it out.

Another rule of thumb we use in the Law, is a person will normally travel one and a half times the distance that their time passes in seconds. Example … And in miles per hour. If you’re going 40 miles an hour, and one second passes, you usually cover 60 feet.

Based on that you’ll cover 300 feet, or the distance of a football field in less than five seconds. That’s a lot. But that’s the calculations a law firm could us to figure it out, and it’s important to be able to do so.

This is a little bit about what lawyers do to prove speeding.

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