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The time has come for us to file a lawsuit in your personal injury claim. 

Our offices have forwarded you a draft “Complaint” for your review and comment. The Complaint is the document that institutes your lawsuit. 

At the bottom of each “COUNT” in your Complaint is a paragraph that begins with “WHEREFORE.” This is called the “Prayer for Relief,” i.e. our request to the Court for relief or damages.

However, under Pennsylvania State Law (in the Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania), we are not allowed to ask for a specific dollar amount in our Prayer for Relief. We only have two (2) options:

(1)“Not in Excess of $50,000.00” or

(2)“In Excess of $50,000.00.”

But what exactly does that mean? 

Your immediate reaction may be to ask: “Am I getting $50,000.00?” or, in the alternative: “Why am I only getting $50,000.00?”

Unfortunately, no attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, or how much money, if any, you will get following litigation. 

Further, in Pennsylvania, your attorneys are not allowed to tell the jury how much money you seek. PA is 1 of 4 states as of the time of this writing to follow this rule.

Instead, the “WHEREFORE CLAUSE” has more to do with how the court will treat your lawsuit procedurally, than it does the value of your case, as indicated in the attached chart. 

Part 2

Part 3

Download the PDF of all 3 parts

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