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This is a special legal update in the COVID-19 stimulus series. The problem today is that the virus relief law that’s been proposed by the Senate, creates several serious major hurdles for workers, customers, and patients who might well want to sue businesses or healthcare providers over virus related injuries or deaths.

First, all cases would have to be brought into federal court, no more state court system, even though that is where we traditionally file personal injury claims where possible.

Second, all injured persons or surviving family members would have to prove gross negligence or willful misconduct, meaning that ordinary negligence or carelessness would not be legally sufficient to establish a claim.

Third, anyone who was bringing a claim or a lawsuit would have to prove that the business or person who was being sued failed to make reasonable efforts to meet applicable public health guidelines.

And if you’re saying to yourself, what does that mean? You’re saying exactly the same thing that all of us attorneys are saying, what does that mean?

Next all noneconomic damages, and by that we mean, pain and suffering and inconvenience and the loss of the quality of life and the ability to live a life that is one with quality in performing one’s normal activities of daily living would be limited.

Next, any punitive damage award that might be available as a result of the wanton and willful misconduct on the part of the persons or businesses being sued could not be greater than the amount of the compensation granted and the compensatory award. Which means you couldn’t get more than what you were awarded at trial on your original claim, even though it could be the most horrible set of circumstances and disregard of human safety and life by the defendants.

These are just a few of the problems we’re dealing with today to stay on top of the law and we bring you this, so you can be on top of the law. We will continue with this series as the law progresses to develop.

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