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So what’s this big deal about distracted driving?

That’s all we hear and see in the news. 

The problem with distracted driving is so many of the people who come to us with injuries as the result of accidents have been hit by people who are talking on the telephone, changing the station on the radio, or reaching to pick up something that’s been dropped on the floor of the vehicle.

Our clients are crippled and seriously injured as a result of that momentary negligence, carelessness or recklessness.

Now, we don’t even want to get into how horrible it is to text while driving in a vehicle.

But here is what the courts are doing…and what we’re helping the courts to do on behalf of our clients.

We ask for punitive damages– not just regular damages, but extra special punishment in the form of money damages that are above and beyond what the defendant’s insurance company will pay. So, the defendant will have to lose his or her house, personal assets or bank accounts because they have taken a complete disregard for the safety and health of others on the highway.

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