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Did you know that some day you might have to sue your relative?


How could that be?

How would I feel about doing that?

These are the questions we’ll address today.

My name is Bob Snyder, I’m a personal injury trial lawyer. I’m here at Valley Forge Pennsylvania.

I practice with the law firm, Snyder Law Group. We specialize in serious personal injury cases from all causes. Let me tell you how you might have to sue a member of your own family and why.

Suppose for a moment that you are a passenger on an automobile and it’s struck by another vehicle from behind. Clearly, 100% of the responsibility in that case, while you were sitting stopped at a light waiting and you are struck from behind, is on the party who rear ended you and his insurance company. Now, let’s change the facts for just a minute. Suppose you are in a car, you are a passenger and your wife or husband or father or mother is driving and it’s an intersection collision and there is an argument and a dispute about who had the light; whether the light was red for traffic travelling in the direction in which you were travelling, or whether the light was red for traffic travelling from the direction in which the other person was travelling.

Under those circumstances, it’s certainly a matter of one or both of the drivers having been careless or negligent, but you as a passenger didn’t have anything to do with that. You should be able to recover. You are going to find that you’ll have to sue, not only the other operator, but sometimes your own relative. Don’t feel bad though. His insurance company is the one that’s going to be responsible if he is found to have been the person who caused the accident. He won’t have to pay anything out of his pocket.

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