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I want to sue someone, but they’re dead.

Can I sue them?

Can you sue a dead person?

Good question.

A lot of times, people wonder what happens if the guy that crashed into me and caused my injuries, or was the cause of my slip and fall, dies?

Can I still sue that person for their negligence that resulted in my injuries?

The question is, you can’t …

Or the answer, is that you can’t sue a dead person, but you can sue their estate.

Which means you can sue the person who is handling their estate and all their assets, and make a claim against their assets and the insurance covers that might be provided, as if the person was still alive.

Again, there’s time limits to this and it’s important that if you have a case, you contact an experienced lawyer right away.

We covered time limits in the article “What Is The Statute Of Limitations” – click on the link to learn more.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a person who is now deceased and want to know if you have a case pick up the phone and talk to our attorneys here at Snyder Law Group call us at 610-265-8050 today.