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So you think you want to have a jury trial for your personal injury case.

Are you really sure?

My name is Bob Synder. I’m a trial lawyer here in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I try cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey and selected federal jurisdictions in the country. I have a personal injury firm. We have a staff of lawyers and non-legal personnel addressing your needs.

Here’s the problem with having a jury trial. Not most cases are going to go to trial. 85 to 90% of cases will be settled at some point before trial. Those who are going to go, it’s a big money dispute. It’s a big money production. It costs lawyers who are presenting it and the lawyers representing the injured person usually have, what are they called, contingent fees, which means they have to win in order to get money back or get money that they’ve spent in the case returned to them. A lot of money.

It’s $5,000 or $10,000 per expert witness. For an engineer in a case to give an opinion concerning whether a product is or is not defective or a product did or did not cause an injury to the person that was using it. Doctors charge anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 to review records and testify either in person or in video tape movies that can be shown to the jury.

Everything can seem like it’s going beautifully at a jury trial, but the jury for its own reasons will have the last word and make the final decisions whether you do get full and fair compensation or whether you don’t. Sometimes they just don’t get the right result for the wrong reasons.

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