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Concussion Injury Attorneys

Brain injuries can be a devastating loss to a victim. Not only can they severely alter a victim’s life, but many times an injury has occurred without their ability to know what has happened to them. These types of injuries can greatly affect both the victim and their family members financially and emotionally, and can cause physical, mental and behaviorial changes. It is often a lifelong problem for victims and their loved ones. Even minor problems at the time the injury takes place can turn into major problems down the road. Catching and treating symptoms sooner rather than later will help prevent any possible further damage in the future.

The attorneys at Snyder Law Group are here to help you get back on your feet and return to normalcy as much as possible, in light of the circumstances. We will help you recover what you need to cover your financial and emotional losses, and gain back some control in what has been a silenced issue in the past.

Whether you have a brain injury from playing sports, a concussion from an accident, or you or your loved one has been in a coma, you know how life-altering this type of injury is to you and the people closest to you.

The experienced attorneys will help fight for your rights. Our expertise is rare in the legal world, because we have a doctor/lawyer on staff that will give you medical/legal advice that you wouldn’t get from just any lawyer. We are one of only 1% of law firms in the country with an expert like this on staff.

If you are injured and are unable to travel, we will make all necessary arrangements to come and meet with you.


The expert attorneys at Snyder Law Group represent clients involving the following:

  • Brain injuries due to sports activity
  • Concussion
  • Coma
  • Brain injuries due to accident
  • Infant brain damage at birth
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Emergency room error
  • Nursing home abuse


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