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Do you really need a lawyer to represent you in your automobile collision case?

That’s today’s question and I’m going to give you the answer in a minute.

You’re going to be a little bit surprised to learn that sometimes you do not need an attorney.

My name is a Bob Snyder, I’m a trial lawyer and I’m here in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and I practice with the Snyder Law Group. We’re licensed throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

When I raised the question of whether you really need an attorney to settle your motor vehicle case, I’m telling you that under certain circumstances it’s just not necessary. First, if it’s a property damage claim you can usually just get an estimate, the insurance company for the other side will get its estimate. Either you and the insurance company can reach an agreement on it, or sometimes the two insurance companies if it’s a clear cut case, will just reach an agreement between themselves if there were two companies.

No lawyer required.

Second, if you have a small claim whether it’s property damage, or say a personal injury where you were just shaken up and needed to be checked out, but didn’t need any further medical care or treatment, and you’re okay after the accident. If you get your medical bills and get a document that if it shows time missed from work, whether it’s a half a day, or a day and a half, or two days missed from work, from your employer to show what you normally make. Give this to the insurance company for the other side that is the responsible party in the accident. Very often you’ll be able to reach a settlement with them where they’ll pay you something for your out-of-pocket expenses. All of those plus a little more for your pain, suffering, inconvenience or annoyance, embarrassment, and any difficulties that you had from the accident.

If they’re not being fair or reasonable with you it’s simple enough to tell them, “I’m going to talk to a lawyer about the case,” and then they’ll usually give you their highest, best, and fairest offer that they can for your small claim in an attempt to settle it rather than seeing it become legally drawn out unnecessarily. You can consult with a lawyer and usually this type of a consultation is free, without any obligation, and I’d ask you to do so if you have a question under these circumstances.

I hope this information is of help or benefit to you, and I can be reached at 610-265-8050 I will try to do my best to answer any question you have involving any type of personal injury matter.