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The question is whether your insurance rates can be raised as a result of your making a claim in an accident where you are injured.

The answer to this is quite simply this: if you are not at fault in the accident, it is unlawful for your insurance company to raise your rates as a result of it having had to pay money in this accident.

Specifically, a rear end collision.

You’re stopped, you’re waiting for a traffic light, and suddenly somebody hits you from behind, throws you about in your car and you hurt your neck or your back or your head or other parts of your body.

You haven’t done anything wrong.

Your insurance company can’t hold that accident against you when it reviews your premiums or rates. That is not permissible, because it is not a chargeable accident under the rules and regulations of the insurance industry.

On the other hand, when we have accidents that involve intersection collisions, specifically if it’s an uncontrolled intersection, the question would be whether one party was partially at fault and the other party was partially at fault.

Then we have to determine ultimately if there is some degree of fault on your part. If it’s less than 50% of the fault that’s involved in the accident, you are able to recover, but your insurance company would be able upon reviewing your rates to make some slight adjustments.

If you or a loved one has experienced a rate increase from your auto insurance carrier after a non-fault accident, or has denied your claim in anyway, give us call and we’ll be glad to listen and determine of indeed you have a case. 

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