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“I was bitten by a dog. I was injured. Can I sue?”

Hi. I’m Erik Snyder from Snyder Law Group. We’re trial lawyers located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. We practice in Philadelphia, Chester, and Montgomery County primarily, but throughout the state as well as the state of New Jersey.

Often, I get calls from people that have been bitten by dogs and are wondering can they sue. A lot of times the answer is yes, but sometimes the answer is no. Just because you were bitten by a dog does not necessarily mean that you will be able to sue and win. You can always sue, but to sue and win in dog bite cases, you need to prove what’s called the dangerous propensity of the dog.

This can be done with one bite and from the facts around your case, but it’s often proven through evidence of prior bites. How do we get this evidence? We speak with neighbors. We speak with anybody else that has been bit by the dog. What we need to prove is that the owner of the dog knew of their dog’s dangerous propensities and failed to take adequate precautions, measures, and steps to prevent the dog from injuring somebody because they knew about these dangerous propensities.

Dog bite cases are very fact-specific.

In order to have a proper evaluation of your case done, you really need to speak with an experienced trial lawyer.

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