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Today’s question is: what happens when things get ugly at the beauty parlor or beauty salon?

Hi. My name is Bob Snyder. I’m a personal injury lawyer here at the Snyder Law Group in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. We practice throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the state of New Jersey, and in selected federal jurisdictions throughout the country.

What do I mean by that, and why are we going to talk about that?

Because, unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where people are suffering injuries to their face, to their skin, to their heads, or to their hair as a result of chemical burns, wax treatments, or other beauty treatments that don’t work out the way they’re intended to. I see a lot of these cases and some are relatively minor, but others are very serious with permanent injury. We bring the case and the claim against the operator of the beauty parlor, and often against the manufacturer of the product which has caused the harm. A lot of times, these products do not have proper warnings or proper instructions for the beauty parlor employee to be able to apply them safely.

In any event, this is just one aspect of being an all-around personal injury lawyer.

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Thank you.