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Over the years the question of why we use a disclaimer on our website has come up a few times, so to help satisfy any curiosity you might have, we would like to share a few reasons why Snyder Law Group uses such a disclaimer.

Lawyers typically use disclaimers for a few reasons:

Reason #1 – To Prevent Misunderstandings: Disclaimers can clarify that the information provided, particularly on a website or other public forum, is general information and not specific legal advice. Laws can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction and the specifics of an individual’s situation, so what works in one situation may not work in another.

Reason #2 – To Establish No Attorney-Client Relationship: Information exchanged in a public or semi-public forum could be misinterpreted as forming an attorney-client relationship. By using a disclaimer, lawyers can clarify that they are not creating such a relationship and thus not undertaking the associated duties and responsibilities.

Reason #3 – To Protect Confidentiality: If someone misinterprets a public interaction as an attorney-client interaction, they might disclose information they believe to be confidential. A disclaimer helps to avoid this potential issue by making it clear that the communication is not confidential.

Reason #4 – To Limit Liability: In some instances, a person might rely on the general information provided by a lawyer and then suffer harm as a result. The lawyer could potentially be held responsible for that harm if they didn’t adequately explain that the information was not specific legal advice.

Reason #5 – Ethical Obligations: In many jurisdictions, lawyers have an ethical obligation to ensure they do not mislead or deceive the public about the nature of legal information, services, or advice they provide. A disclaimer can help meet this obligation by clarifying the limits and nature of the information being provided.

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