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When a lawyer is representing an injured person, they typically ask a series of questions to gather relevant information about the incident, the injuries sustained, and the impact on the individual’s life.

Here are some typical questions a lawyer may ask an injured person:
1. Can you describe the incident that led to your injury in detail?
2. When and where did the incident occur?
3. Were there any witnesses present? If yes, can you provide their names and contact information?
4. Have you reported the incident to the authorities or your employer, if applicable?
5. Did you seek immediate medical attention following the incident? If yes, where did you receive treatment?
6. What are the specific injuries you sustained? Please provide details of each injury.
7. Have you had any prior medical conditions or injuries that are relevant to your current situation?
8. Are you currently receiving medical treatment or therapy? If yes, please provide the details.
9. How have the injuries affected your daily life, including work, personal activities, and relationships?
10. Have you incurred any medical expenses or other financial losses as a result of the incident?
11. Have you lost wages or income due to your injuries? If yes, can you provide documentation to support this?
12. Have you filed an insurance claim? If yes, what is the status of the claim?
13. Have you spoken to any other attorneys or legal representatives about your case?
14. Do you have any photographs, videos, or other evidence related to the incident or your injuries?
15. Is there any other information or detail you believe is important for us to know about your case?

These questions provide a starting point for the lawyer to understand the circumstances surrounding the injury and assess the potential for legal action. The specific questions may vary depending on the nature of the case and the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred.

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