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Snyder Law Group is one of only 1% of law firms in the United States with on-site access to a doctor/lawyer, giving clients an advantage in getting the earliest and best medical-legal evaluation for their injuries and treatment. We’ve served clients in PA and NJ for 40 years, giving us the experience that produces the best results and gets you more compensation.

– Bob Snyder

Your Justice Is Our Priority

To recover from an accident or a tragedy, you need aggressive lawyers who do not stop until they get the results you deserve. We are the relentless attorneys that the insurance companies do not want you to hire. We offer the unique service of meeting you at your home. We realize that injured people have difficulty in getting transportation, and that is why we make the necessary arrangements to personally meet with you and get to know you and your situation.

U.S. Deaths Per Day From Medical Mistakes

Pennsylvania Work Injuries Per Day

Years Of Experience Our Lawyers Have Protecting Clients

Primary Practice Areas


Drivers on the roads are distracted these days. Cell phones, kids yelling, traffic, road construction, sudden merges and bad weather are distractions that cause accidents. We represent those that have been injured on the roadways due to the negligence of others.


Medical malpractice requires a special understanding of the law. This practice area requires experience with unique legal issues and complex medical issues. The skilled professionals at Snyder Law Group have 40 years of successful experience in all matters of medical malpractice law.


Workers compensation laws were enacted to aid employees and their families in the event of a workplace injury. If you are out of work for a period of time, workers’ compensation should cover your costs of recovery, including lost wages; in addition to vocational rehabilitation and medical fees as well as other medical expenses.


Premises Liability requires a special understanding of the law; an understanding that requires both experience and dedication to this difficult area of practice. At Snyder Law Group, our personal injury lawyers spealize in slip and fall injuries.

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You are visiting us because you have a present legal problem in one of the areas of personal injury law in which we focus our practice, or because you wish to learn more about a specific area of the law. If you live in Pennsylvania or Southern New Jersey and require the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact us today.

Primary Areas Of Focus

Snyder Law Group is a personal injury law firm representing clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We represent clients who were injured due to the fault of others. We routinely handle cases involving car, truck and motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, industrial accidents, dangerous products, dog bites, construction or other work injuries and other personal injury matters. 

  • Car Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workers Compensation
  • Traumatic Brian Injuries

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Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder


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Erik Snyder


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Eric Shore

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From Our Clients

What people are saying about the experiences they received from Snyder Law Group.

“The Snyder’s reputation as tough, hardworking and intelligent legal practitioners truly speaks for itself. Erik personally handled a matter for me which, thanks to his persistence, never had to be litigated and the desired result was achieved. Highly recommend.”

Ryan Bennett

“I went to the Snyder Law Group for a criminal case and although they specialize in injury law they took my case and took the time to study previous cases and do the necessary prep to help me achieve the best possible outcome for mine. I would recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice or action.”

Kevin Holmes

“Erik and Bob are brilliant lawyers. They handled my case with such a personal touch. They care about people, and know how to win!”

Kyle Wachter

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